Do you plan a corporate event?

Do you want to experience an original teambuilding, a Christmas party or a company celebration? Something that relieves stress, clears the head, forces movement and supports team spirit?

Choose LASER GAME! In our Laser Arena Praha, you will turn your corporate event into an unusual and unique experience. It is during team play that you will experience many exciting moments. Whether you come with just a few colleagues from the department or the whole company, you will enjoy the fun to the fullest.

- We have plenty of room. We will reserve either individual tables or the entire space for up to 50 people.

- Laser game can be played by up to 18 players at once. In the meantime, non-playing colleagues or business partners can watch what is happening in the arena on the screens, play table football or darts or have a snack at the bar.

- If you want, we will also provide catering from an external company. You will choose what suits you best. Whether a light snack or a full dinner. All you have to do is specify your idea (hot or cold buffet) and set a budget for it.

- We will be happy to prepare a tournament for you. You will receive complete statistics after each game. At the end of your corporate event, you can evaluate the success of teams or individual players and possibly reward the winner.

Invite your employees, colleagues or business partners to the laser game and book an appointment today!

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We have prepared several options for corporate events, from which you will certainly choose:

Classic reservation

The first option is a classic reservation, where you book the exact number of games you want to play and also the specific game times. One game lasts 12 minutes of pure time and can be played by up to 18 people at once. This type of reservation is possible for groups of up to 30 people. You have a table or tables reserved and you share the bar area with other customers.

Closed company and lease of premises

The second option is to close the entire space for your event. You have not only a laser game arena for you, but also a background with a bar. This type of reservation is possible for groups of 30 people or more. With a closed company, you can choose whether you want to play indefinitely for the entire rental period or play only a few games at that time.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Payment with us is possible in cash, by credit card or on invoice.