Are you considering an interesting celebration for your child?

Come play laser tag - an experience he won't soon forget.

Enjoy fantastic fun with your friends at LASER GAME! They move the whole body, practice reflexes, strengthen the principle of fair play and take away a lot of unforgettable experiences!

Very often parents book 3 games with breaks in between. For example:

First laser game at 14:20

Second laser game at 14:40

Third laser game at 15:20

It is good to come with the children 15-20 minutes before the first game. That's plenty of time to welcome or change and brief the game. The first game is followed by a 5-minute break to gain strength, test the results or to change the type of game. After the second game, the pause is longer (about 20 minutes) to congratulate, serve a cake or other snack. Then the children play the last game. After it, they will evaluate the results, change their clothes and you can continue the celebration at another attraction or at home.

The celebration in this form lasts approximately 2 hours from 14:00 to 16:00.

In addition, when playing at least 3 games, we have a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PRICE of CZK 110 per person per game!

You can easily book a birthday party through our online booking system. You choose game times and numbers of players. Please write "birthday" in the note. Or contact us by email or phone.


For how old children is a celebration with a laser game suitable?

Children from the age of 8 will fully enjoy the game. If younger children want to play, it is possible from the age of 6.

What can we bring with us?

Birthday cake or other snacks, such as pizza, baguettes, etc. We have the basic inventory available for you. We provide games, drinks and small sweet and savory delicacies (chips, sticks, etc.).

What kind of snack do you have?

Drinks, small sweet and savory delicacies. A drinks list is available here.

What is the price of one game?

The standard price for children is CZK 125 per person per game. If you play at least 3 or more games, you will have all the games discounted at CZK 110 per person per game.