What is laser tag

Laser game (or laser tag) is a fun action party game full of adrenaline. Like in other games, you need to earn points, because the winner can be just one. In different game modes you can try reclusive fight, teamwork, searching for combat or your ability to hide from the enemies. Believe us, it is much better to play it than a hundred times to read or hear about it. So come and respawn with us.


Before the game you become a special vest with sensors and attached weapon and we give you some basic instructions for a chosen gaming mode. Twelve minutes of adrenaline may begin. In the arena you will tactically move, hide, sneak, and earn points for tagging opponents or avoiding being tagged. You will use built covers, including two upper spots for a better overview of the opponents. During the game you can choose and change the firing mode: an automatic gun - for precise and distant shots or a shotgun - better for closer distance, with a much wider range but less precision. When someone tags you, your vest and gun will be deactivated for few seconds. At that time you cannot shoot or be hit again. Then you will hear a signal from your vest and you are again in full firepower to continue to fight and destroy opponents.

Recommendations to the game

We recommend sport shoes and dark clothing - so you were in a dark arena less seen and you could stealthily sneak to your opponents. For sure, take a spare shirt or a towel - like in a real fight for life, you cannot fight without some drops of sweat.


1. Don´t climb - leave arena as is

2. Keep both hands on the phaser

3. Don´t take any drinks, food or gum in the arena

4. Don´t run or lay down - move tactically

5. Avoid any physical contact with other players